Best Free Algorithmic Reverb VST/AU Plugins


This edition of bpb Freeware Studio covers the best freeware algorithmic reverb VST plugins. Convolution reverbs will be covered in a separate article later on (if you need one asap, get Reverberate LE).

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

Ambience and epicVerb are my two favorite freeware reverb effects. They both sound phenomenal, come with a large amount of presets, and can be tweaked to almost any kind of reverb sound you might need. Keep in mind that they are both a bit more on the CPU-hungry side, though.

epicVerb by Variety Of Sound.

epicVerb by Variety Of Sound.

MVerb, TimeVerb , DX Reverb, OldSkoolVerb and Classic Reverb use far less CPU (especially MVerb!), and still sound very good. They also have rather simple interefaces, making them pretty easy to operate. MVerb and OldSkoolVerb are pretty much my go-to reverbs for channel use.

MVerb by Martin Eastwood.

MVerb by Martin Eastwood.

SpringLine and Spring Reverb are, wait for it… spring reverb emulations! These two are good candidates if you’re looking to get the good old dubby kind of reverb sound. Another interesting one to experiment with is Reverbering, featuring a noise control which can lead to some unusual results.

Reverbering by NUSofting.

Reverbering by NUSofting.

Poor PlateTAL-Reverb-III and MuVerb are great sounding plate reverbs. This kind of stuff sounds great on lead vocals, synth leads, etc. MuVerb is a tad bit more CPU hungry, but it sounds remarkably well!

TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line.

TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line.

Tila2 is a great sounding room reverb unit nonetheless. Definitely uses a fair amount of CPU, but it’s still a really good choice for a room reverb if you have a powerful enough computer.

Tila2 by signaldust.

Tila2 by signaldust.

Many thanks to bpb readers slops and FrozenjaZz for suggesting KR-Reverb FS and Mo’ Verb.

As always, you are welcome to suggest your own favorite freeware reverb in the comments section below! If you’ve enjoyed the article, please help us grow by sharing the link on your favorite social network. Thanks for reading BPB!

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  1. dude you’re awesome!
    wish you would’ve done this 4 years ago when i checked all the free vstplugins on the the planet :D

    serious you do a good job here and i hope a lot of people find this information and can use it!!!

    keep it up!

  2. epicVerb and Ambience are maybe most serious among these IMO, but newbie can easily mess up with lot of controls which are not so intuitive when talking about reverb phenomena. So i prefer ClassicReverb and mVerb,bacause of very few and easy to undersand pots

  3. The only two i can think of is the very old ‘Buzzroom Roomreverb’, Its a one trick pony but i find myself using it often still. Then the other is ‘dasample’s GlaceVerb’, I can not get GlaceVerb to install/run on Windows7 but it works fine on XP and is good a HUGE uber-verbs. Good call on the selection listed. Dean

  4. Hello. I’m a 15 year old blind musician who edits all of my recordings myself with two programs: Goldwave, and Audacity, Goldwave being my main audio editor. One of my favorite freeware reverbs to go to is Anwidasoft’s Dx Reverb Lite, both available in Vst and Directx formats.
    Here is a recording of me on a piano, and being backed up by a conga player:
    Another great reverb is Freeverb2. Thank you.

    • bedroom producers blog on

      Hi Tristian, thanks for sharing your work and reverb tips! The tune is really well played and sounds quite good. :]

  5. Good selection. Definitely check out RoomMachin844. For smaller sounding rooms, i.e. using on a snare or vocals, its an absolute dream. A lot of reverbs fall apart in this area. I love the bpb website! I can’t believe after all the years searching plugins, etc., that I’m just finding this site now!

  6. i checked this list and i noticed that my currently favorite free reverb plugin isnt here…

    its a room simulator… i would say it goes into a similar concept compared to the allready “famous” valhalaroom

    this one its free, and the GUI its very simple and friendly

    it doesnt came with presets, but its possible to create them and save banks…

    i enjoy your blog a lot! regards

  7. Hey,
    Great choice. Certainly take a look at RoomMachin844. With regard to scaled-down sound areas, we. at the. utilizing on the capture or even words, it’s a complete desire. Lots of reverbs break apart in this region. I really like the actual bpb web site! We can’t think in the end the actual many years looking plug ins, and so on., which I’m simply discovering this website right now!

  8. There is a good reverb in the KarmaFx Free Plugin Pack at this address : (bottom of the page)

    The Mo’ Verb link is broken i found it here :

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