bpb Sample Pack #6: Household Percussion, Snaps and Claps


FREE Household Percussion by BPB!

Time for another round of free samples by BPB! Percussion sounds made with household items are often useful, so here’s a freebie pack containing 60 of those.

There’s some natural claps and snaps inside too, door slams, matches being lit, etc. Recorded in Audacity using a Blue Microphones Snowball and Lenovo S10e netbook.

You  are  allowed  to  use  the contents of this  sample pack  in  all  your  creative work. You may not  redistribute this  sample pack or any of  its parts  in any way! Do not post direct download links on your website. Instead, share a link to this article (http://goo.gl/qSH8r). Thanks!


The pack contains 60 samples in 16-bit WAV format. Download size is 1.89 MB.


Download Free Household Percussion Samples: click here
Older BPB Samples: click here

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About The Author

Tomislav is a journalist, music producer and web designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the owner and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Stephen C Shapiro on

    Hey there. Just checking out some free samples. Couldn’t get the dropbox link to work. Thanks for the awesome freebies.