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miniSoftMusic Releases Addvector 2.0

Addvector 2.0  by miniSoftMusic.

Addvector 2.0 by miniSoftMusic.

miniSoftMusic has released Addvector 2.0, a freeware FFT synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows (made with SynthMaker).

We released a second version of our synthi Addvector. It is free for everyone! With this Synthi and his 8 oscillators it is possible to generate nonspecific waveforms. This waveforms can be morph together with 2 XY-Pads. The possibilities for sound creation are infinit!

Addvector 2.0 is available for free download via miniSoftMusic.


Main features of the Addvector 2.0 synthesizer:

  • FTT Synthi
  • 8 oscillators
  • 2 XY-Pads
  • 2 Multi mode filter
  • Rich modulation possibilities via FTT generator
  • Possibility to import one cycle waves


Download Addvector 2.0: click here
miniSoftMusic Online: click here

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