Crunck – Freeware Guitar Amp VST By Igor Nembrini

Crunck by Igor Nembrini.

Crunck by Igor Nembrini.

Igor Nembrini has released Crunck, a freeware Marshall JCM 2210 guitar amp emulation in VST plugin format for Windows.

Crunck is a virtual guitar amplifier,is inspired of my Marshall JCM 2210. This software is freely available For the moment is available only for Windows VST format.

Crunck is available for free download via Igor Nembrini’s website.

Audio Demo

Check out the Crunck audio demo:

[soundcloud url=”″]


Main features of Cruck VST:

  • Multi-stage distortion
  • Two stages of output EQ tone stack
  • 8 x oversampling
  • Should run in most 32-bit DAW hosts as well (support for v2.4 VSTs required)


Download Crunck: click here
Igor Nembrini’s Website: click here

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