KIT ONE – Free Sample Pack Dervied From One Kick Drum Sound


Ray’s Sample Repair has released KIT ONE, a free sample pack completely derived from a single bass drum sound.

Here is my first kit. Every sound in this kit began life from one single kick drum sound. The zip file contains 15 drum hits, 1 octave of a “bass” patch and 1 octave of fuzzy digital bells.

KIT ONE is available for free download via Ray’s Sample Repair.

This sample pack reminded me of a video I saw recently, in which Tom Cosm creates a whole track using only one kick sample:

Very cool stuff, I feel challenged to try something similar. Having limited resources often pushes us to be more creative than we usually are. Perhaps we could even make a one sample challenge on BPB – anyone interested?

Audio Demo

Check out the KIT ONE audio demo:


Download KIT ONE: click here

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