Delta Modulator – Free Nintendo NES Style Bitcrusher By Steve Duda

Delta Modulator by Xfer Records.

Delta Modulator by Xfer Records.

Xfer Records has released Delta Modulator, a free bitcrusher VST/AU plugin based on a signal modulation technique found in Nintendo NES video game console’s delta modulation channel.

I just threw Delta Modulator together out of mild curiosity of how it sounded compared to traditional sr/bit-reduction.

Delta Modulator is available for free download via Xfer Records. The plugin came out as a result of a pretty cool thread on KVR forums.

I’m a sucker for good bitcrushers and this one instantly reaches my Top 2 (together with CMT Bitcrusher). For more freeware bitcrushers, take a look at BPB’s best free bitcrusher VST/AU plugins round-up.

Video Demo

Check out the Delta Modulator demo video:


Download Delta Modulator: click here

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I made a topic on KVR forums asking if there any Delta Modulation bit crushers out there. There were literally none, and Steve randomly popped up and whipped one up in my request. He’s a really nice guy.
It’s not 100% going to emulate the NES’s sample channel, as it’s missing the options to tune sample rate to exactly the sample rates you can play samples at on the NES (There’s different playback speed levels at specific sample rates), but it’s a really faithful simulation of the same technique.