Free Bowed Guitar Sample Collection Released By Florian Wunsch


Florian Wunsch Bowed Guitar Samplepack, a free sample pack featuring the sounds of a guitar played with a violin bow.

I have played my guitar with a violin bow. The sounds I created were very interesting so I processed them with some effects.

Bowed Guitar Samplepack is available for free download via Florian Wunsch’s website (13.6MB download size, 10 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

At first I figured that the sounds in this pack would sound somewhat like a violin. Thus, I was quite surprised when I found out that the sounds are actually processed and turned into huge eerie soundscapes!

I reallly like these samples. They sound like the sort of stuff you’d expect to hear in a thrilling movie. You can hear all of the included sounds in the audio demo section below.

Audio Demo

Check out the Bowed Guitar Samplepack audio demo:


Download Bowed Guitar Samplepack: click here

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  1. While I appreciate the quality of the samples and the work that went into them, it’s getting increasingly frustrating when sample creators slap a Creative Commons license on absolutely everything without really considering how they’ll be used. Loops and one-shots typically get downloaded and thrown into a directory with thousands of other samples to await a moment when they’re the perfect little kicker for a track. At that point, no one is considering usage restrictions. If the artist releases the track, or it gets synced for nickle on YouTube, suddenly he’s in violation of one (or dozens!) of usage-restricted collections.

    Many creators vanish a year or two after they’ve released stuff. Sometimes they change which CC license they’re using after we’ve already used the sample in a track. Staying legally clear can become a really big headache when it’s multiplied by hundreds of varying licenses. As a result, we’re now avoiding these collections entirely.

    Please consider releasing these samples for actual free usage (though not for resale). We really do appreciate your work! Thanks!

  2. Now, I have often heared that people don’t like this pack because it is publishead under creative commons!

    I will change the licence agreements. Please send me an email to [email protected] to be informed when I have changed it, so you will be able to use the samples for commercial purposes. The only thing is: You are not allowed to resell the samples as they are. You can change them, you can use them in your music, and sell your music. But not the samples as they are released by me!

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