Beat Subtraxx – Freeware VA Synthesizer Released By Beat Magazine!

Beat Subtraxx by Beat Magazine.

Beat Subtraxx by Beat Magazine.

Beat Magazine has announced the release of Beat Subtraxx, a freeware trance synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Four powerful VA oscillators, envelopes, LFOs and filters galore, this trance-gate, arpeggiator and a more than full FX section – these are the impressive Main features of our “Beat Subtraxx”.

Beat Subtraxx is available for free download @ beat drive (4.38MB download size, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows). You’ll need to create a free account in order to get the download link.

Beat Subtraxx is a VA synthesizer designed for use in dance music. It includes an arpeggiator and a trance gate, as well as all all the standard goodies you’d expect to find in a VA synth.

Once you’ve registered at beat drive, you’ll also gain free access to Madrona Labs Aalto Solo and Sugar Bytes Artillery II BE.

Finally, a speciall thanks goes out to BPB reader Ninja Mode, for sending me the link to this interesting freebie! Cheers!


Download Beat Subtraxx: click here

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  1. No, no, no!!! Just as with samples, I’ve also got more than enough VST-instruments! ;-)

    Luckily this one makes the decision not to download it very easy as it doesn’t have any interesting features and it looks ugly. :-)

  2. I just tried this synth:
    *Sound and filters are mediocre
    *It is nice to have a flexible trance gate and arpeggiator on board
    *It is very cpu-heavy

  3. T-Force Alpha Plus sounds good to me ;)
    Freeware, simple interface, not so CPU hungry…

    It is my last nice surprise in the freeware world.

  4. @gLOW-x: I agree, but T-Force is also quite CPU-heavy but still usable and great soundig especially for EDM genres!

    For all EDM producers, I left list of my main free/magware synths:

    – Cakewalk Square I
    – SuperWave P8
    – Audjoo Helix beta ( last free beta version )
    – Tunefish ver 3.1
    – Genesis CM
    – Dune CM/BE
    – Contralogic Feldspar

    It’s great setup for dance ( house/trance/electro ) genres:)

  5. It seems to be a kind of demonstration of FlowStone (ex-SynthMaker): “It’s just made for a plug-in development test in the german magazine BEAT, to show how easy it is to create an own plug-in with Flowstone.” (“About Subtraxx”)

    • i don’t get why developers don’t optimise for producers that work on huge songs & projects. synthmaker has some weaknesses but its still capable of making things light. iv been working on a wavetable/morphing synth as light as oatmeal & synth1 (although not finished yet).
      i thought Subtraxx looked quite capable but after reading here i automatically don’t want to try it.

  6. Didn’t like it at all.
    ·Average CPU.
    ·Ugly UI (That red is a pain to my eyes)
    ·Harsh sounds in some presets.

    There are better options in the freeware “market”.

    But, you get what you paid for. No money, so no problem at all. :)

    Have a nice day.

  7. I tried it and altough I appreciate the generous offer, I won’t stick with this synth. My opinion:

    1 – too CPU heavy
    2 – too big GUI (a big drawback to me)
    3 – don’t like it’s sound (synth 1 and Trancedrive are a lot better for trance sounds)

    On the positive side, the presets and the arp feature are great, at least to me. And it seems bug free. And I don’t have any issue with 32 bit only plugins.

    It would be very cool if there wasn’t better free options.

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