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Nick is a producer from the US who listens to far too much music.3 Articles

Timur Arynov is an electronic musician and sound designer. His passion is to create very interesting and useful sounds.3 Articles

Donald "Avi" Stewart is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from San Bernardino, California. His musical style blends classical music with modern musical elements of jazz and hip-hop.2 Articles

Matthew Haronian is a songwriter, producer, and musician from Rhode Island. A multi-instrumentalist, he primarily plays keys, as he does in alt-pop band Eat Crepes. Matt spends his non-musical time convincing others that Rhode Island is a real US state.2 Articles

Tim started Track Spark with Rich Lewis last year and their aim is to introduce music producers of all levels to the many companies and developers making innovative plugins, instruments, sample packs, loops & tutorials.1 Articles

Bryan Lee is a professional sound designer who made his first steps in synth programming at the age of ten. He runs Xenos Soundworks and works as a sound designer for Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Camel Audio, Image-Line, etc.1 Articles

Eric Dubois is a Producer born and raised in Paris, France. He has lived in Los Angeles, Hawaii and now Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eric produces music in any genre, as long as it tells his story.1 Articles

Roland Löhlbach is a trained IT Systems Electronic Technician and certified Audio Engineer. He is the owner of Studio Compyfox and is also active as a consultant/tutor and beta tester.1 Articles

Tyson is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Clyp. He’s been playing music since he was 12 and is an avid supporter of the live music scene in Austin, TX.1 Articles

Hyperbits is a Brooklyn based music producer who has remixed everyone from Beyonce to Nick Jonas to the Neon Trees. With signed records at Universal, Island Def Jam, Sony, & Ultra, Hyperbits subscribes to a tell-all and knowledge based approach to creating music. He runs an online school called the Hyperbits 8-Week Masterclass several times per year.1 Articles