Invisible Limiter By AOM Released


AOM have released Invisible Limiter, a freeware transparent look-ahead brickwall limiter available for 32bit Windows systems.

Invisible Limiter by AOM, a freeware brickwall limiter VST.

Invisible Limiter by AOM, a freeware brickwall limiter VST.

The limiter features automatic attack/release-time optimization, and simple Input Gain and Ceiling controls.

The initial version of the plugin was released in August 2010, but this new and improved version includes a GUI and some bug fixes. Download the plugin using the link below and see if it works for you.


Download Invisible Limiter: click here
AOM Website:
click here

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  1. Amazing that there’s no comments on this.. By far the best freeware limiter – bested only by the payware version – and that’s arguably still the best limiter on the market. Even DMG Limitless doesn’t quite hit the same spot for transient preservation, stereo image preservation and all out loudness.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We had some database problems a while ago and loads of older comments vanished from the site, unfortunately. I agree about the plugin, it’s very good.

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