Two New Freeware Soundfont Players Available


If you’re still looking for a plugin to become your favorite Soundfont player VSTi, you’ll be up for a treat today!

DSK Music has released DSK SF2, a compact Soundfont player which can load one SF2 file of unlimited size per instance. With it’s easy to use interface and standard sound shaping controls, it could easily become one’s go-to Soundfont player for basic use.

DSK SF2, a freeware Soundfont player VSTi.

DSK SF2, a freeware Soundfont player VSTi by DSK Music.

The feature list includes a bank and preset selector, MIDI channel selector, note control (Bend, Retrigger), amp envelope, multimode Filter, advanced LFO with output routing, as well as MIDI automation & learn.

Prodyon Virtual Gear released Phenome, an 8-part multitimbral Soundfont Player VSTi. Note that at least Windows XP with SP2 is needed to run this plugin.

Phenome, a freeware Soundfont player VSTi by.

Phenome, a freeware Soundfont player VSTi by Prodyon Virtual Gear.

Phenome offers layering, 8x oversampling, an arpeggiator, 6 mode filter, built in unison/widener, stereodelay, monodelay and chorus, 3 stereo outputs, and all of this with reasonably small CPU usage!

Use the links below to download the plugins, test them and see which one works best for you. Either way, I believe both of them are keepers!


Download DSK SF2 by DSK Music: click here
Download Phenome by Prodyon Virtual Gear: click here

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  1. I tried them both, and while Phenome clearly wins GUI- and Feature-wise, the DSK plugin proved to be the more compatible one. With the prodyon plug I had several problems with accessing the different presets contained in the soundfonts, most of the time I could only play the first one. Now I’m using DSK SF2 and it seems to be fine!

    • bedroomproducers


      yeah, i like the simplicity of the DSK pluggie too. still using sfz for soundfonts though, but it’s just a habit i think.

  2. SFZ is a good and simple plugin, I just have one problem with it: I can’t use more than one instance of it in reaper, or it will produce some overload and weird noises… so these two plugins came just in the right moment!

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