13 Best Free VST Plugins Chosen By MusicRadar.com Readers


Who likes reading free VST plugin contest results? Raise your hand! Yeah, I figured it’s all of you. :]

Some of the VST plugins selected=

Some of the VST plugins selected by the readers of MusicRadar.

In July 2010, the guys at MusicRadar.com asked their readers to vote for their favorite freeware VST plugin. People could vote for their favorite synth, effect, or any other kind of VST plugin, as long as it’s available for free download and use.

Well, the contest results have been published today! Most of the well-known freeware classics have made it in the Top 13, but the first place has been surprisingly (although quite deservedly) taken by a plugin which has been released no more than two months ago! Although, I must agree, that plugin is really something. Check out the contest results by clicking here. If those 13 plugins are not enough, click here for more great freeware VSTs! Also, if you’re looking for high quality free samples, click here. Enjoy!


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