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Return All Robots! is an indie video game currently being developed by Space Whale Studios. It will be released for Xbox Indie Games and PC Windows systems in a few week.

Basically, Return All Robots! is a puzzle game and it looks very nice, but what’s more important for us music producers is that the developers have decided to throw a remix competition to follow the game release! The goal of this competition is to remix any of the tracks from the Return All Robots! soundtrack, using any sort of tools you like. The prizes are nice, although the deadline is pretty close.

Here are the official rules and the prize list, quoted from the Space Whale Studios website:


The rules are simple. Remix, arrange or cover any track from the RAR! OST. Any length, any instrumentation. We’ll listen to everything and pick our top 5 favorites based on creativity and overall enjoyability.


First place: Your remix featured on the RAR! OST (= you get paid.) Plus, you get a copy of the physical soundtrack and game disc (or XBIG download code, if you prefer), any Impact Soundworks sample library, my entire discography (6 CDs!) and the Uhbik plugin collection for PC/Mac (amazing multi-effects by the creator of Zebra, REALLY powerful stuff.)

Second and third place: Physical soundtrack + game disc (or game code), entire zircon discography.

Fourth and fifth place: Game disc (or game code), any 3 zircon CDs.


September 29th, 2010. Email your entries to [email protected] with the subject:

“RAR Remix Contest Entry – Yourname – Remixname”

Don’t forget to mention which source tune you remixed!

Source Tunes

Check ’em out below! I had a ton of fun writing these tunes, which were designed with SNES, Genesis and 80s influences. Mike Worth collaborated with me on the main theme which is as cheesy and catchy as you might expect, but my personal favorite is the “Training Montage” tune, inspired by the track of the same name from Rocky IV.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you’ve got!

If you decide to join the contest, I wish you good luck! I will probably be submitting my entry in a day or two.


Download Remix Stems: click here
Space Whale Studios Website: click here

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