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The developers at whiteLABEL have released a series of vintage-modelled compressor VST plugins called bolsteristers.

bolsteriser Rev (B), a Hardknee Peak Compressor by whiteLABEL.

bolsteriser Rev B, a hard knee peak compressor by whiteLABEL.

The plugins were developed using SynthEdit and were inspired by some of the very first compressor models ever made.

Here is more info from the developer’s website:

The bolsterisers hark from a time before compression as we now know it. A long-obscure English experimentalist engineer and gentleman scientist by the name of Edwin Pierfax III derived his naive design of the original bolsteriser during a nap on the lawn with his cat Tiswold. He is said to have announced one day during afternoon-tea that he had “found a method to aid in the bolsterising of signals to an extent most satisfactory”.

There are four models currently available:

  • Rev (A) – Softknee RMS Compressor
  • Rev (B) – Hardknee Peak Compressor
  • Rev (C) – Hardknee Booster
  • Rev (D) – Softknee Booster

The mono versions of these plugins are freeware, while the full versions are currently available through a group-buy offer for the first 100 participants. Current group-buy price is $10. Apparently, there are 63 places in the group-buy offer left as I’m writing this post.


Download&Buy The bolsterisers Series: click here
whiteLABEL Website: click here

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