Tek’it Audio Badass, A Filter And Distortion VST Plugin


You may have already heard about Tek’it Audio thanks to their previous release of the neat little Genobazz bass module VST.

Badass, a freeware filter and distortion VST by Tek'it Audio.

Badass, a filter and distortion VST by Tek'it Audio.

They have released another plugin today, it’s a filter and distortion combo lovingly called Badass. It looks like a handy tool for adding some edge to your sounds, offering 8 filter types and various bonus effects like distortion, bitcrushing and ring modulation. The plugin was made using SynthEdit so it’s Windows only. The plugin is priced at 17EUR (thanks to rumpelfilter for correcting me about this).


Main features of Badass:

  • 7 Effects: filter, cut, drive, lofi, ring, shape and boost
  • 8 Filter types: 24dB low-pass, 24dB digital low-pass, 24dB VCF Ladder low-pass, Modulo low-pass, 36dB State Variable, 12dB High-pass, 24dB High-pass,  Bandpass
  • Full MIDI automation and MIDI learn on all parameters
  • Phase inverter and effect bypass
  • Works in mono or strereo
  • Integrated Patch manager
  • Knob reset on initial patch value
  • Randomize knobs position
  • 32 Factory presets
  • Easy installer


Download Badass: click here
Tek’it Audio Website: click here

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