Two Freeware Choir/Ensemble VST Effects By Wok


100CC, a chorus effect by Wok.Wok has released a pack of two freeware choir effect VST plugins. The plugins in the pack are called TenC and 100CC.

Acording to the explanation in the readme files, TenC is an insert effect for instant “Enya/10CC chorus sounds”, while 100CC is an effect for “instant chorus ambient sounds”.

Both plugins come with a built-in reverb and add a choir-like character to processed sounds. It is possible to control the amount of effect being added using the Wet knob.

TenC and 100CC are available for download from the official KVR thread, in a single 4Mb ZIP archive.

Audio demo by Wok: click here


Download TenC And 100CC: click here
Wok Website: click here

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