Dubstep Bass Tutorial Series By Depone


Depone, one of the rising stars in the UK dubstep scene, known for his recent collab with Datsik, and getting his tracks spun by A-list artists like Downlink and Funtcase, has published a series of free video tutorials on his Youtube channel.

In the 5-part tutorial series featured in this article, he uses the freeware TAL-Elek7ro VSTi synth inside Logic Pro to create a set of grimey wobble bass patches for one of his older dubstep tracks.

He goes into detail about various aspects and techniques for creating typical heavy dubstep basslines, covering the basics of synthesis, resampling, layering, and so on. The tutorial also show the basics of mixing different bassline elements and meaking them sit well in the mix.

Here are the remaining four videos in this tutorial series:

There are more tutorial videos and some great tunes on Depone’s Youtube channel, so make sure you check it out. Depone also offers mixing services for artists who need help with their tracks, so if you’re interested in that click here. Enjoy the tuts and have fun with your basslines!


Depone’s Youtube Channel: click here
Depone’s ‘Leg Up’ Audio Service: click here

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