MultiFreek – Freeware Multichannel Spectrum Analyzer VST Plugin


U.F.O Scientific has released MultiFreek, a freeware multichannel spectrum analyzer VST plugin. It allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple audio input sources.

The plugin works on 32bit Windows machines and has been tested in several different hosts, including Reaper 3, Sonar 7, Wavelab 5, Cubase SX 3, and Cubase 5.

MultiFreek is a freeware multichannel spectrum analyzer by U.F.O Scientific.

MultiFreek is a freeware multichannel spectrum analyzer by U.F.O Scientific.

An unexpiring shareware version of the plugin is also available. It is called MultiFreek 2 and is available for download here.

In case you run into problems, an HTML version of the MultiFreek manual is available here.

Seems like this will be a very useful addition to my set of audio analysis tools, so I’m really looking forward to testing it in my setup.


Main features of MultiFreek:

  • Free of charge
  • Up to 5 different tracks
  • Distinct name and color for each graph
  • Two different processing modes – efficient and precise


Download MultiFreek: click here
U.F.O Scientific Website: click here

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  1. hey good day
    i need some help i wanted to download this multichannel spectrum analyzer but i failed yet i thought its a free download.send me a straight link to download then i can let you know from my analysis point of view
    kind regard

  2. I agree with kisto – yeah I hope the powers that be, email me a real link. MultiFreek though, Looks like the inventor has a good head on his or her shoulders. I need some DAW analysis solution like that.

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