Ton-Geraet I, Waveform Morphing Sequence Synthesizer BETA


Here’s an unusual little plugin I’ve discovered today. Apparently it’s still in production phase, but a free beta is available for download and use until January 1st 2011.

Ton-Geraet 1 by SyS Audiotechnologies.

Ton-Geraet I by SyS Audioresearch.

Ton-Geraet I is certainly one of the weirder plugins I’ve tried in a while. There is no manual available and for the first five minutes or so I had absolutely no clue about what I was doing. But after some trial and error it started making sense and I must say this little thing can certainly generate some cool and pretty inspiring glitchy sequences.

It is being developed by Sys Audioresearch, a German development team who have previously released n0t0miz0r, a random MIDI note generator. They describe Ton-Geraet 1 as a waveform morphing sequence synthesizer.

Here’s a demo video taken from the official website:

If you’re into weird sounds and like to experiment with new tools, you should definitely check this one out. Also, you may consider supporting the developers by reporting a bug if you happen to find any. I had no problems testing the plugin in Mutools Mulab on a Windows XP machine.


Download Ton-Geraet I BETA: click here
Sys Audioresearch On Twitter: click here

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