Free Rare Analog Synth Drum Samples By WaveShaper


WaveShaper is a new project by sink, who is previously known for his collaborative work on de la Mancha’s VST plugins.

Here is some first-hand info about the WaveShaper project:

WaveShaper is a sample website hosted on BandCamp, focused on drumkits of analogue/vintage electronic drum machines.  All the kits will be available in two flavours : a free one (with a more limited set of standard mono 44-16 audio samples), and a “pro” one, giving you more samples and in higher quality (stereo 24bit 48khz).

So far, two very interesting kits have been released on the WaveShaper website, both with a freeware version available. Even though the free packs are rather small, I really like the majority of included samples.

[bandcamp track=471582007 size=venti bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB]

They are quite raw and noisy, sampled from unusual pieces of hardware like Marsh UDS, a vintage Russian analog drum synth, and Gakken, which is a cheap Japanese DIY analogue synthesizer.


Download Marsh UDS Samples: click here
Download Gakken Samples: click here
WaveShaper Website: click here

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