4Front Rhode, A Freeware Electric Piano VSTi By George Yohng


I’m a big fan of George Yohng’s older VST plugins. They’re simple to use, sound nice, and use very little CPU resources.

4Front Rhode is a vintage Rhodes-type epiano module.

4Front Rhode is a vintage Rhodes-type epiano module.

George has now released 4Front Rhode, a freeware vintage Rhodes-type electric piano VST plugin following those same guidepoints. Here is more info about the plugin:

This is a vintage Rhodes-typed piano module with a gentle overdrive.

This module reproduces the classic sound similar to RSP73 pianos. The sound generation is not based upon samples, thus there are 127 continous layers provided with a vintage rhodes smooth overdrive.

Unlike many other software modules and samplers, this module will never overload CPU. It will never stick notes, and never interrupt the sound during live performances.

The plugin is available both for Windows and Mac machines.

Audio Demo

Here’s a 4Front Rhode audio demo:


Download 4Front Rhode: click here
George Yohng Website: click here

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