Free Roland TR-606 and TR-707 Multisamples By Acid Box Blues


Acid Box Blues is a neat music production blog, mostly dedicated to Roland’s famous TB-303 silver box and its miraculous acid spitting abilities. In addition to all the cool stuff you can find there, the blog is now a host to two great free drum machine sample sets.

Acid Box Blues owner (aka dyLAB) has sampled his two Roland drum machines and released the samples as free downloads on his Bandcamp page.

Both the TR-606 and TR-707 sample packs contain multiple takes of each drum hit with a different accent setting, so you can go ahead and make a velocity-layered patch using these samples in your favorite sampler.

Since the samples are hosted on Bandcamp, make sure you choose the FLAC option when downloading for full quality audio.


Here’s the Roland TR-606 sample pack audio demo:

[bandcamp album=2429684521  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]


Download Roland TR-606 Samples: click here
Download Roland TR707 Samples: click here
Silver Box Blues: click here

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