Free Violin Multisamples For Kontakt By Depone


Depone was already mentioned on bpb for his neat series of dubstep production video tutorials.

Depone's free violin samples loaded up in Kontakt.

Depone's free violin samples loaded up in Kontakt.

Now here’s another goodie from him, a free pack of processed violin multi samples, all mapped out and ready to use in Kontakt 3. Here’s more info about the samples:

Hey i just made this multi sampled violin patch for kontakt 3 (not tried on Kontakt 2 but might work)

I used a Sontronics Orpheus microphone to record the sounds, then made the multi instrument. They were recorded in mono as the task was to create a patch under 32 meg, but I have added some widening chorus and a stereo reverb to help it spread out a bit.

It has various playing styles; A plucked section, a bowed section and a bowed vibrato section.
The samples have also been velocity mapped, so the harder you play the notes the more of an ‘attaky to sustained’ sound is produced. Also the mod wheel is assigned to an LFO that makes some artificial vibrato for extra control.

have fun!

I must say I really liked this pack. It’s not over-processed or anything, just a nice set of well recorded samples you can further tweak to suit your needs. Well done Depone!


Download Free Violin Samples By Depone: click here
Depone On Youtube: click here
Depone On SoundCloud: click here

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