VSTForx Beta, A Set Of Virtual Cables For Your Software Studio


I’m a long-time user of MUTOLS MU.LAB, a great lightweight DAW with some pretty cool modular features, and I’m pretty much used to having total freedom when building effect chains.

VSTForx lets you make advanced FX chains using virtual cables.

VSTForx lets you make advanced FX chains using virtual cables.

If you like building crazy FX and instrument chains, and your VST host lacks in modular capabilites, then VSTForx is certainly a freeware tool you should check out.

VSTForx is available both as VST and VSTi and it basically allows you to load all your favorite VST effects and instruments inside it and connect them any way you like using virtual cables. It also comes with a set of neat tools like sequencers, switches, etc.

The plugin is currently in beta phase, so you will have to register as a beta tester on the VSTForx website and get your free download.

Demo Video

Check out VSTForx in action:


Main features of VSTForx:

  • add plug parameter on stage and bind them.
  • operators for parameter connection (inverse, EXP, …)
  • step sequencers and
  • switches
  • audio2parameter-value modules(e.g. ADSR-trigger)
  • load several VST-instruments and assign them via MIDI-channel
  • comes as fx, and VSTi


Download VSTForx (registration needed): click here
VSTForx Website: click here

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