Free Lo-Fi Roland Tr-808 Samples By Hainbach


Uncreate808 is a freebie sample library which features Goldbaby’s Cassette 808 samples recorded from a Mattel UCreate Music unit.

Uncreate808 was resampled from a Mattel UCreate Music audio unit.

Uncreate808 was resampled from a Mattel UCreate Music 8bit toy sampler.

It is a cheap 8bit toy sampler/FX unit/loopplayer, and it did a pretty good job of adding a fresh lo-fi feel to Goldbaby’s awesome 808 samples. Here’s more info about the pack:

A TR-808 sounds great, but sometimes a bit of grit can make it sound more distinct. That’s why I ran the already lovely lofi Goldbaby Cassette 808 samples through a Mattel UCreate Music, a cheap toy sampler/FX unit/loopplayer. It adds a harsh 8bit crunch to all the sounds without loosing punch. I hope you like it!

All samples were recorded in 32bit/44.1kHZ through a RME Fireface 400 into Ableton. No further processing was done.

I am not affiliated with Mattel or Goldbaby and did this just for fun. Feel free to use the samples in your music as you like, but don’t repackage them into a commercial library without my consent.

I’ve found news about these samples via a post on Waveformless. You should check that blog out if you haven’t done so before, it covers all sorts interesting info from the audio production scene. And make sure you check out the brilliant Free Sample Friday series on there.

Audio Demo

Here’s an audio demo of the Uncreate808 sample pack:


Download Uncreate808: click here
Hainbach Blog: click here

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      yep, clunky drum samples kick ass. :]

      check out the altemark LSDJ sample pack, lots of insane game boy kicks in there.

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