Hollow Sun Polivox Sample Library Available For $1 Throughout January


Hollow Sun will be offering their Polivox sample library at a price of $1 during January 2011. I’ve always had a thing for old Soviet analogue synthesizers (used to own a completely freaky analog drum machine made in USSR), and this seems like an offer not to be missed.

Here’s more info about the sample pack:

Manufactured in the 80s in the then communist Soviet Union, the Polivoks is a two oscillator synth with low and band pass filter, two ADSR envelope generators and an LFO with a chunky cosmetic design that looks like it might have come from the Soviet Ministry Of Defence!

This is thought to be the first ‘proper’ sample set from this unusual sounding analogue synth. It contains a variety of distinctive basses, pads and leadlines and is available for a mere $1 throughout January as a gesture to welcome the new year in.

And on that note, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy 2011.

The library is available for Kontakt 3.5 and you can get it here.


Get The Hollow Sun Polivox Library: click here
Hollow Sun Website: click here

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