Free Novation DrumStation And Boss DR-110 Drum Samples By WaveShaper


WaveShaper has released another set of free drum samples, this time featuring the sounds recorded from a Novation DrumStation and a Boss DR-110 drum machine unit. For an earlier set of free analog drum machine samples released by the same guy, click here.

The first pack is labeled tubeSt8tion and it features a set of 24bit/48khz stereo WAV files capatured from the Drumstation.

Here’s a bit more info about the Novation DrumStation kit:

The TubeSt8tion kit is a free samplepack made using a Novation DrumStation processed through tube preamp and tube compressor gear. The well-known and beloved sound of the famous tr-808 now has even more warmth, dirt and punch.

The Boss DR-110 kit is labeled plasticid-DR110, and it is available in two alternative versions, Free and Pro. The pro pack features more samples and higher sound quality. Links to both versions of plasticid-DR110 can be found on this page.

Here’s more info about the Boss DR-110 pack:

The Boss DR-110 is a cute little drum machine from the early 80s, the last analogue one made by Roland. The overall sound is very reminiscent to the much praised Tr-808 and Tr-606. The kick is punchier than the 606, but the hats and cymbals will provide you that instant acid factor and the snare is also very snappy. The clap is similar to the 808’s one, so you’re right by thinking that the DR-110 will give you that classic, sought-after sound but with some slight difference and much character.
If you are into electro/house/acid/retro/techno music, you will like this one for sure !

Audio Demo

Check out the tubeSt8tion kit audio demo:

[bandcamp album=789479200  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


Download tubeSt8tion: click here
Download plasticid DR-110 Kit (Free Version): click here
Purchase plasticid DR-110 Pro: click here
WaveShaper On Bandcamp: click here

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