Free Acoustic Drum Loops And Vinyl Noise Samples By The Control Centre


Two new freebies from TCC! One 11MB pack of lo-fi custom drum breaks and one containing 24MB of noisy vinyl samples such as needle drops and lifts.

More info about The Blitzer:

A selection of lo-fi drum breaks at four different tempos. Played by Will (Skogg) Scott on his customised “Bitzer” drum set.

More info about Diamonds And Dust:

A collection of sampled run in and run off grooves, needle drops and lifts, utilizing my record collection and a Philips 777 “Direct Control” turntable. Perfect for adding some vinyl “dirt” to those pristine digital recordings. All looped up and ready to use.


Download The Blitzer: click here
Download Diamonds And Dust: click here
The Control Centre: click here

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