Design The Best Kick Patch And Win A Free Copy Of Cableguys Curve!


A neat preset contest launched by Cableguys! The task is to create a kick preset using the latest Curve demo and upload it to the online preset library, for a chance to win a full licence of Curve.

We just did a demo song that only uses Curve. But it misses a nice bass drum. So we had this idea: Help us kick it.

Download the latest Curve demo, create one or more good kicks, and submit your creation from within the demo version to Curve’s online preset library until Sunday (February 6th). We will then choose our favorite kick. Besides all the fame, ehm,.. its creator wins a license of Curve.

The demo is fully-functional and has no time limit, but you can only use one instance per song and you can’t save presets, but you can upload them to the online preset library (note that you need the latest demo for that).

Curve is a great sounding virtual synthesizer for Windows and Mac. It features a powerful waveform editor which can be used to create custom oscillator and LFO shapes. For more info about Curve, click here.

Good luck with the contest and make sure you upload your kick preset before February 6th!


Download Latest Curve Demo: click here
Cableguys Website: click here

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