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Phase AP1, A Freeware Phase Alignment Tool By Audiocation Audio Academy


Phase AP1 is a third free VST plugin developed by C. Budde for Audiocation Audio Academy. It is a phase alignment tool, suitable for adjusting the phase relation between audio signals.

Phase AP1 by Audiocation Audio Academy.

Phase AP1 by Audiocation Audio Academy.

The plugin is currently available for 32-bit Windows (Mac and 64-bit Mac version are being developed).

If you’d like to learn more about the concept of phase in audio signals, here are two articles about the topic:

For a list of audio production courses available on Audiocation Audio Academy, follow this link.


Download Phase AP1: click here
Audiocation Audio Academy Website: click here
Christian-W. Budde Blog: click here

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  1. I tried this and was unimpressed because it provides no indication of the exact number of phase-shift degrees. At least the Betabugs ‘Phasebug’ does include this feature.

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