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Here’s a free trance video course that was supposed to be offered for purchase on Sonic Academy, but is now available for free on Soundmagus Music Production Videos. I’ve embedded the first video above, while the rest is available on the Soundmagus website upon registering.

This course is not completely finished, by this i mean it doesn’t show you how to create the full track, it stops about half way through the Arrangement section.  However, don’t let this fool you, the information here is very useful and the only reason its unfinished is due to the fact that this was a course i was doing for Sonic Academy before they went into receivership and didn’t pay me.

Please enjoy it for what it is and leave any comments you feel are relivant.

After registering on the Soundmagus website, follow this link to find the other videos.

I’m not a fan of trance music myself, but this video course includes some really interesting bits about equalization, drum programming workflow, etc. So yeah, worth watching imho.


Register On Soundmagus Music Production Videos: click here
Free Soundmagus Trance Video Course: click here

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