Usine 5.50 Poly Launched, Special Discount Price For Usine Pro Software Package


Sensomusic have launched v5.50 of Usine, their flagship modular live performance software. The new version includes many improvements, including polyphony for sub-patches.

After months of development we are proud to announce that Usine V5.50 is out. This version contains hundreds of improvements and new features. Usine is more stable, powerful, light and ergonomic than ever.

Usine 5.50 includes a new technology called poly. All sub-patches can now be duplicated according a poly parameter.  For example, you can build a single sample player and decide to duplicate it 8 times to obtain 8 independents sample players with their own interface.

The software package is available for purchase at a special promo price of 90€ (regular price is 120€), which includes one year of free updates.

Sensomusic have also announced the launch of Easine (more info here), which is a simplified version of Usine, especially designed for installations and netbook computers. It is included in the Pro version package.


Main improvements in Usine v5.50 Poly:

  • [patching]polyphony for sub-patches
  • [module]new Draw Objects module more powerful and faster
  • [module]mapper data up to 256 value
  • [module]new X-1 module
  • [module]new BLOC DURATION module
  • [touch screen]contact surface informations now available in all interface modules
  • [library]new grain engine FX
  • [library]new Reverse FX
  • [keylearn]allows now multiple keypressed at the same time
  • [midi learn]soft take over implemented: option in the setup.
  • [interface]trace OSC out messages
  • [interface]new color selector window


Get Usine Pro: click here
More Info: click here

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