Martin Lüders Releases PG8X Beta And JX Chorus


PG8X by Martin Lüders is a freeware VSTi synthesizer which emulates the sounds and functionality of the Roland JX-8P analog synthesizer.

PG8X Beta by Martin Lüders.

PG8X Beta by Martin Lüders.

Latest beta version of the plugin is now available for download on Martin Lüders’ website.

Finally, I uploaded a beta version of the synth I am working on for the last couple of month. It is inspired by the JX8P and I am trying to capture as much of it’s character as possible. The “working title” for it is PG8X, trying to merge the names of the progammer PG-800 and JX-8P without coming into conflict with copyrighted names. If anyone has better suggestions, let me know.

The synth is made with Synthedit, but the sonud generation is entirely handled by custom modules, which I have written in Assembler and C++. Please, give it a go, and let me know what you think, especially if you encounter any problems or bugs.

Feedback is welcome, so consider contacting the developer directly, or posting in this thread on KVR forums in case you have any suggestions about further development.

If you like the chorus module found in PG8X, you can download it as a separate VST effect on this page.


Download PG8X Beta: click here
Download JX Chorus: click here
Martin Lüders’ Website: click here

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