Arto Vaarala Releases Kirnu, A Free MIDI Arpeggiator VST Plugin

Kirnu by Arto Vaarala.

Kirnu by Arto Vaarala.

Arto Vaarala has released Kirnu, a free MIDI arpeggiator VST plugin for Windows. Kirnu features a great user interface and was designed with real-time tweaking and usability in mind.

Click here (KVR Forum thread) to read the developer’s explanation on why the plugin was released for free.

Video Demo

Check out the Kirnu demo video:


Main features of Kirnu:

  • Easy realtime tweaking
  • User friendly pattern view
  • MIDI learn for every major control
  • Two independent CC controls with ‘teach’ functionality
  • Numerous of different scales
  • Hold mode
  • Many, many more great features


Download Kirnu: click here
More Kirnu Demo Videos: click here

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  1. Cool, this is something I really need to test out becase the creator is a fellow countryman and this might come in handy in my trance productions :)

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