Roberson Audio Website Relaunched And Freeware VSTi Synths Updated

Prophanity by Roberson Audio.

Prophanity by Roberson Audio.

Roberson Audio have relaunched their official website and updated all three of their previously released freeware VSTi synthesizers.

Recently, with the hard work of member Xichael, Roberson Audio Synthesizers has re-established a web presence and is hosting the RA Mowg, Oddy-Free, and Prophanity instruments online again.

Currently, I have updated my Prophanity and Oddy-Free instruments to version 1.4 and RA Mowg to version 1.2. The main modification has been filter work to all of them to sound more robust without sacrificing the analog style nature of the plugins. As I have warned around my site, take special precaution not to drive the resonance up too high on these instruments, they WILL scream and hurt your hearing and possibly speakers. Specific details for each instrument can be found on their respective pages on my site.

Head on to Roberson Audio website if you’re a fan of classic analog synth emulations. You’ll find interesting freebie VSTi synths inspired by the Minimoog Model D (RA Mowg), Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (Prophanity), and Arp Odyssey Mk. II (Oddy-Free).


Download RA Mowg: click here
Download Prophanity: click here
Download Oddy-Free: click here
Roberson Audio Website: click here

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