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Tectonic, A Free Ableton Live Pack By Micah Frank


New York based musician and sound designer Micah Frank has relased Tectonic, a free Ableton Live pack featuring the sound of earthquakes.

Tectonic by Micah Frank.

Tectonic by Micah Frank.

The Ableton Live instrument includes over 30 high quality samples arranged as a menu of soundscapes.

The Tectonic compilation includes almost an hour of earthquake sonifications that can be listened to as a full length album, or played as an instrument in Ableton Live.

The compilation’s source material originated from US Geological Survey data, parsed by Cycling 74’s Max/MSP and synthesized in Symbolic Sound’s Kyma X.

Find more info about the project, including download and installation instructions, on the official Tectonic page.


Download Tectonic: click here
Micah Frank Website: click here

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