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Pettinhouse Releases Free Demo Version Of FunkyGuitar For NI Kontakt


Pettinhouse have released a free demo version of their FunkyGuitar sample library for NI Kontakt 3 and 4. 

FunkyGuitar by Pettinhouse.

FunkyGuitar by Pettinhouse.

The demo version contains 2 patches from the full library (strum and muted), and a set of built-in effects.

I decided to let you try FunkyGuitar, an innovative Stratocaster guitar sample library for Kontakt 3 and 4.

It is made of 3 patches: Strum, Muted and Fingered Guitar and it has a built-in Amp simulator with Wah, Distortion, EQ, Reverb, Delay and Phaser.

The full version will be available for $99 on sale until March 31st 2011 (full price is $129).

Video Demo

Here is a video demo of the Strum patch:



Download FunkyGuitar Free Demo: click here
Pettinhouse Website: click here

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  1. hi, mate
    The demo version contains only 2 patches [strum and mute]
    while the full library has 3 patches [strum, mute and fingered]
    I have tried it and this is gooooood!
    Pettinhouse even let us to bypass the cabs so we can catch the sound with our own choice of amp [or wah pedal]

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