“How To Use A Compressor” Tutorial By Jeremy Wakefield


Oddly enough, there were no freeware releases this weekend. Which isn’t necessarilly a bad thing, since it leaves us with more free time for practicing and improving our skills with the plugins which we already own.

In that spirit, here is a link to another one of my favorite compression tutorials. In tandem with the previously covered Compression 101 tutorial from Dogs On Acid, I think it offers all the theory and tips a newbie producer should read before actually grabbing a compressor and becoming frustrated by the fact that it still doesn’t make any sense at all. :D

But really, this is a great article (helped me a lot back in the day), written by Jeremy Wakefield who is known for coding the FreeVerb algorithm, among other things. The tutorial covers an introduction to compression, and (more importantly) includes explanations of 5 most common compression tasks:

  • Hard limiting
  • Compressing an instrument or vocal
  • Adding “punch” to bass drums and bass guitars
  • Compressing a final mix
  • De-essing a sibilant vocal

Enjoy the tutorial, show your compressor who’s boss, and let’s hope Monday brings us some fresh freebies to check out!


How To Use A Compressor Tutorial: click here
More Tutorials: click here

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