iAm-K3m FREE, A New Freebie Pack By Goldbaby


Goldbaby has released iAm-K3m FREE, a freebie spin-off of his new commercial sample library made with the Kawai K3m digital hardware synthesizer.

The K3m is a hybrid digital/analog synth produced in 1986. It uses an 8 bit wavetable for the oscillators and has analog filters and VCA. It also has a very lush stereo chorus!

This synth was recorded through various tasty bits of studio hardware… things like the UBK Fatso, Great River Harrison EQ32, A-Design EM-PEQ.

iAm-K3m FREE contains 36 drum samples (24bit WAV) created using the Kawai K3m and various analog hardware units.

Get the freebie samples on this page.


Download iAm-K3m FREE: click here
Goldbaby Website: click here

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