Keolab Spicy Guitar Is Now Freeware!

Spicy Guitar by Keolab.

Spicy Guitar by Keolab.

Spicy Guitar, a very good acoustic guitar emulation VSTi plugin developed by Keolab, has now been re-released as freeware.

It’s been almost one year that Spicy Guitar was launched. We worked really hard to create a software that we believe to be innovative and fun. We also tried to make it a valuable deal for you – with our “pay what you want offer” for example. We hope that it has been a useful tool for your music experiments.

Unfortunately we are sorry to announce you today that we decided to stop this adventure and that we will close shop shortly. As a consequence, there won’t be any update or support for Spicy Guitar anymore.

However, the website will stay open, and you will find there an unlocked and fully functional version of Spicy Guitar.

Sad to see a great developer team going out of business, many thanks to them for releasing their work as freeware!

The plugin sounds very good and also features a neat chord-detection system. Here’s an image which describes how the detection system works.

Get the plugin on this page.

Audio Demo

Check out the Spicy Guitar demo tracks:

[soundcloud url=””]


Main features of Spicy Guitar:

  • 9 guitars, 2 types of strings.
  • Physical based sound design.
  • Astonishing expressivity.
  • Easy-to-use strumming engine.
  • Many types of chords, 2 positions.
  • 5 guitarist playing techniques.
  • Only 10 MB.


Download Spicy Guitar: click here

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  1. Spicy Guitar is an excellent program and is capable of some VERY good acoustic guitar sounds.

    I purchased this plugin when it 1st came out and its very sad to see the company depart so soon.Now its free, there is no reason not to own this.

    ESSENTIAL download people and now the de-facto standard for freeware acoustic guitar emulation.

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