AfroDJMac Releases The Free Yamaha CP35 Rack For Ableton Live


AfroDJMac has released the Yamaha CP35 Rack, another addition to his awesome series of free Ableton Live racks.

Yamaha CP35 is a vintage electric piano made sometime in the 70s, featuring a wide range of tone, sometimes reminiscent of the Fender Rhodes keyboards.

Well, back at it again, with the release of Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #9: “AfroDJMac Yamaha CP35 Rack.” This time I have sampled my vintage electric keyboard, bringing the masses sounds from warm-Fender Rhodes-type tones to some funky Stevie Wonder keys. I tried to emulate the old school effects that come built into the CP35, while adding a few extras from the present. I hope you enjoy, share with your readers and make some music!

The Yamaha CP35 Rack is available for free download on this page. Links to all previously released free Ableton Live Racks by AfroDJMac are available here.

Video Demo

Check out the Yamaha CP35 Rack demo video:


Download The Yamaha CP35 Rack: click here
AfroDJMac Website: click here

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