Ugo Releases Rez 3!

Rez 3 by Ugo.

Rez 3 by Ugo.

Ugo has released Rez 3, the long-awaited improved version of his awesome sounding freeware monophonic synth in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Rez 3 has finally been released! Additionally, I’ve also released three commercial banks for it ($10 each, or a bundle of all three for $25), and I’ve even redesigned my website. Rez has undergone a major overhaul – it’s more powerful, more flexible, and meaner than ever. In addition to all its new features and enhancements, it has also received a new GUI that comes in two flavors – black and yellow, and yellow and black.

For those who haven’t tried it before, Rez is a seemingly basic synth but it’s capable of a very wide range of sounds. While Rez has a bunch of cool features, the beating heart of Rez is its filter. It’s made from multiple chained filters acting as a single powerful filter and it’s highly resonant, providing Rez with its distinctive character. Top that off with distortion, a phaser, various oscillator modulations, delay, and a programmable arp and step sequencer, and you’ve got quite a flexible a synth in a very small package. You may be surprised at what this little monosynth can do.

Rez 3 is available for free download via Ugo’s freshly redesigned website. Ugo has also released 3 sound banks for Rez 3 (Clockwork, Foundation and Aurora), all three priced at $10.

Rez 3 comes loaded with 24 demo presets – by purchasing these additional sound banks you’re supporting Ugo’s further development work.

Audio Demo

Check out the Rez 3 audio demo:


Main features of Rez 3:

  • Virtual analog oscillators
  • Sub-oscillator
  • Detune (modulatable via aftertouch)
  • Programmable phrase arpeggiator
  • Step sequencer (arp driven) with four mod destinations
  • Highly resonant low pass filter with velocity, LFO, and envelope modulation
  • “Age” control (noise to pitch)
  • Two types of phase modulation
  • Beastly overdrive with three tone modes
  • Dual delay with stereo width adjustment
  • Phaser with optional LFO and velocity modulation
  • MIDI learn for all controls


Download Rez 3: click here
Ugo’s Website: click here

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