Free Delerium Loops By Reason Lahalla


Reason Lahalla has released a set of free loops form his upcoming Delerium sample library.

I won’t go over the entire history of me in music, but needless to say there are a lot of crazy stories of me doing stupid (but funny) stuff I could put into a book. For now, I’ll just give a rundown of the library creation process. I started creating this library some year or two ago. The goal was to gather every bit of music I have composed over the past ten years and create a massive library from it all. Initially I started trying to figure out exactly how many tracks I had composed, and found that from July of 2001 to July of 2011, I composed/produced 10,423 individual musical recordings in Ableton Live, Logic Pro (PC) and Reason 2.5.

Anyways, for those who have asked me about sounds I use in my music – here you go. It will indeed be a DNR library, but this project means a lot to me so I’m promoting it myself. I don’t plan on releasing it until I have the time and energy to do a thorough assessment of it, but I’ll post when it’s released.

Delerium demo loops are available for free download via KVR Forums.


Download Free Loops: click here
Reason Lahalla’s Music: click here

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