Free Tape Processed 909 Samples By cl516


cl516 has released a new set of free Roland TR-909 samples. There are 456 24-bit samples in the pack (round-robin), all of which were recorded directly to 1/4″ tape (@ 15 ips).

TR-909 by Roland.

TR-909 by Roland.

This is an instant addition to the best free drum machine samples shootout, without any doubt!

Are TR-909 samples still relevant these days? I know I’ve posted 909 samples before, but this set’s more complete: 456 mono 24bit 44.1khz WAV files, each containing about 8 hits – just enough so you can “round robin” them. That’s over 3600 hits.

I know they’re not chopped up perfectly, but I’m giving these away free and I don’t wanna spend anymore time on them. Maybe you guys could help out and click on a Google Ad or Facebook “LIKE”. I ask that you only use them for your own music, and not in any commercial products such as iOS apps.

The 909 was recorded directly to tape first, then converted to digital at 24/96 using a Mytek converter, then software SRC. They’re not the thickest samples out there compared to many commercial products, but it’s a fairly complete starting point where you can further compress / EQ to your liking in your own music.

Roland TR-909 samples are available for free download via cl516.


Download Free TR-909 Samples: click here
Visit cl516: click here

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