Free Yamaha DX21 Solid Bass For Kontakt And EXS24 By Hardball Records

Yamaha DX21 Solid Bass by Hardball Records.

Yamaha DX21 Solid Bass by Hardball Records.

Hardball Records has released a free set of multisamples featuring the Solid Bass patch from the Yamaha DX21 FM synthesizer, suitable for use with NI Kontakt and EXS24.

Let me describe to you what this bank here offers. There is one timbre from the Yamaha DX21, “Solid Bass” to be more precise, it is recorded without any kind of processing or effects. I also did not use any normalization, first of all because the sound is already sampled with maximum possible level, and second, because I preferred to preserve the original volume relationships among the notes instead of align them all to -0 dB. I thought it’s not enough to record each note once, so I recorded each note 3 times , so if you press F# key three times you will hear three variations of this note. This is probably going overboard and some people might not even hear the difference, but what is done is done…

Just like in the original timbre you can hear the sound that synth does after you release the key, it’s slightly noticeable but let it be. That’s all for now, but keep checking for updates, there is still 127 patches to go. All samples are 44.1 khz 24 bit mono wav files.
Recorded thru the Pro Tools HD from Yamaha DX21 
without any effects or processing.

Yamaha DX21 Solid Bass samples are available for free download via Hardball Records.


Download Solid Bass: click here
Hardball Records Online: click here

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