Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back – Free Demo Pack Available!


TonBuilder has released has released Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back!, an extensive (2072 individual samples) drum machine sample library. A free demo version is also available.

A few people enjoyed Driven Machine Drum and wrote in asking me to continue working on sound design, so I decided to sell a large portion of my kit and double down on some of the best analog and digital synthesis technology available today… if not the best.

The goal was to present you with something simultaneously familiar and yet completely fresh. But creating new sounds, IMHO, wasn’t enough. There had to be an improvement in the methodology because I wanted you to feel like you owned these “newly-discovered” instruments.

I also wanted you to be able to spend even more time writing, being creative, and performing (aka fun stuff) and less time EQing and controlling dynamics to get a reasonably loud master.

DMDSB! demo is available for free download via ToneBuilder. The full library is available at a discounted price ($69 for Standard, $77 for Deluxe) until October 31st.


Download DMDSB! Demo: click here

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