AfroDJMac Releases Gameboy Glitches And Synth For Ableton Live


I’m proud to announce that AfroDJMac’s latest Ableton Live rack called Gameboy Glitches and Synth features the samples from BPB’s LSDJ sample pack. Many thanks to AfroDJMac for putting these sounds to good use and creating another awesome freebie!

This week, since I’m feeling generous after some cyber-love from Ableton and Create Digital Music, you get two free Ableton Instrument racks. The first is a drum rack loaded with all of these fine Gameboy glitchy noises, drops, risers, arps, and UFO sounds. Secondly is a playable synth based on one of those wonderfully gritty samples. Both are racked up in an exciting little effect rack that helps you finesse or destroy these sounds to suit your own personal productions!

Gameboy Glitches and Synth rack is available for free download via AfroDJMac.

Video Demo

Check out the Gameboy Glitches and Synth demo video:


Download Gameboy Glitches and Synth: click here
AfroDJMac Online: click here

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