Free Memory Collection 02 Sample Pack Preview By Zvon


Les Productions Zvon has released a free preview pack for his upcoming Memory Collection sample pack 02, featuring quotes from public domain movies.

Below is the link to download a preview of the Memory Collection sample pack 02 (MC 02). There are 23 samples in this preview, the full set will have at least 2,000 samples, maybe even over 3,000. It will be donationware with a required minimum donation like the MC01.

As in the Memory Collection sample pack 01, the samples in this collection are taken from Public Domain movies, TV shows and TV ads.
I chose the name Memory Collection because by definition works in the Public Domain are from the past, a past often not very distant but sadly also often forgotten or ignored.

These movies are usually old and the sound quality is often not great and they’re noisy too. The samples include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx, music and other stuff. Many of them can be further divided so you can have some fum yourself.

Memory Collection 02 preview pack is available for free download via KVR Forums.


Download Free Memory Collection 02 Samples: click here
Les Productions Zvon: click here

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