Sinevibes Gives Away Their Entire Sample Collection


Sinevibes has released a set of four free sample collections, since they’ve decided to focus entirely on VST plugin development.

Since we’re entirely focused on developing our own unique software, we’ve decided to give away our entire sample collection. It includes several hundred completely original sounds created using some of the most amazing hardware and software tools such as Roland Fantom-G and V-Synth, Native Instruments MASSIVE, iZotope Spectron, Spectrasonics Omnisphere plus rare analogs like Polivoks and Krok 2401.

If you like these sounds, don’t forget to check out our plugins, they’re really awesome too! P.S. The materials come in Apple Loops or AIFF formats. Feel free to use them to compose music for commercial purposes.

The samples are available for free download via Sinevibes.


Download Free Samples By Sinevibes: click here
Sinevibes Website: click here

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