Free ESM Bassy Synth Rack For Ableton Live By psychoBlog

ESM Bassy Synth by psychoBlog.

ESM Bassy Synth by psychoBlog.

psychoBlog has released ESM Bassy Synth, a free Ableton Live rack featuring the sampled waveforms from Logic’s ES M synthesizer.

Before I started to work with Ableton Live I used (and still sometimes do) emagic/Apple Logic. In the past couple of years, beginning in the times of emagic there have been released several virtual synthesizers like es1, es2, esm and so on.

I always liked the sound of the esm so I decided one evening to sample the basic waveforms of the esm (saw and square). The result is the esm bassy synth. A nice and flexible Instrument Rack to create fat thick basses and also great sounding wobble basses for dubstep, jungle and so on.

ESM Bassy Synth is available for free download via psychoBlog. Two more free Ableton Live racks are currently available on the same website (click here and here).

Audio Demo

Check out the ESM Bassy Synth audio demo:

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Download ESM Bassy Synth: click here
psychoBlog Online: click here

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